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Coffee found to increase the body's inflammatory response
Systemic inflammation plays a role in the pathophysiology of obesity, insulin resistance, ischemic heart disease, the metabolic syndrome X, and abnormal ...

Coffee and coronaries
Having a high blood level of homocysteine, a naturally occurring amino acid, may be a risk factor for heart disease, and drinking four or more cups of ...

What do all those labels mean? Coffee is marketed under a variety of "causes"
In the rugged highlands of Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, local people still harvest some of the world's best-tasting beans. As Oxfam explains, ...

Coffee and you: how healthful is it?
In the American heartland, high school students huddle over free coffee refills in a chain diner, the only place away from home where they can hang out in the middle of the night...

Coffee grinder buyer's guide
According to the National Coffee Association, there are 109 million daily coffee drinkers. With more than 100 million devotees nationwide, all deserve ...

Coffee Soap: Unique Combination of Coffee and Cleaning!
Have you ever thought of buying a Coffee Soap? What an ingenious way to make use of coffee! Coffee soaps have become quite the rage among coffee fanatics. People who just want to experience the rich aroma of coffee even while cleansing and washing! Well, coffee containing soaps are very hard and ideally suited for washing hands, and for cleaning purposes in the kitchen.

Coffee Or Tea - Which Is Better For You?
Most people cannot function without either their morning cup of coffee or tea. While, its mostly the caffeine that gets people going, a side benefit from drinking these beverages is that you may be boosting your immune system and helping to fight disease.

What Are Coffee Pods?
Do you stand in front of your coffee pot every morning, eyes barely open, fumbling with the filter and wind up spilling coffee grinds all over your counter? Is coffee a big part of your daily routine? Are you tired of the mess that used coffee filters and grind create? Well look no further, coffee pods are the product that you've been waiting for. This coffee pod guide will explain how a quick, delicious, mess free cup of coffee in only thirty seconds away.

How to Give Up Coffee
Caffeine is the modern drug of choice in the work world, easily accessible, socially acceptable, readily affordable, and of course perfectly legal. As for the health effects, Ive read evidence both for good and ill, so right now I dont fall strongly on either side. One thing is clear though X caffeine is addictive. And this addictive nature is what leans me towards the negative side.

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