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Coffee Soap: Unique Combination of Coffee and Cleaning!

Have you ever thought of buying a Coffee Soap? What an ingenious way to make use of coffee! Coffee soaps have become quite the rage among coffee fanatics. People who just want to experience the rich aroma of coffee even while cleansing and washing! Well, coffee containing soaps are very hard and ideally suited for washing hands, and for cleaning purposes in the kitchen.

These soaps are not well suited for bathing however. Most coffee soaps contain a highly corrosive ingredient called lye that renders them as ”„hard soaps”¦. You can use your left over coffee grounds to make your own coffee soap. These soaps can be quite effective in scouring your dirty and soiled hands. Coffee soaps have the capacity to absorb such pungent odors as that of fish, meat, garlic, gasoline etc.

Coffee Soap produces a fairly rich lather. Soaps made from coffee can become an interesting part of a gift basket. So this type of gift would be a unique gift item for a friend or relative who loves the aroma of coffee.

The most vital ingredient in making coffee soap is lye. Lye is a highly caustic substance that makes soap ”„hard”¦. For making coffee soaps, 2 to 2.5 oz of lye will be required. You can purchase lye from your local hardware store.

As you pour the lye, hot sulfurous fumes are emitted that are strongly toxic. You will need to protect yourself by wearing a long sleeved apron, safety glasses, and yellow kitchen gloves. Try not to inhale the caustic fumes from the lye.

You can follow the instructions given in any standard coffee soap recipe. The fundamental chemistry that forms the basis of any soap-making procedure including coffee soaps is a chemical reaction between fats/oils and lye. Making coffee soaps at home is quite simple if you carefully follow all the guidelines and safety tips. You can apply either the Melt and Pour method or the Cold Process method of soap making both of which are quite popular.

Add your own personal touch by adding exotic fragrances and aromatic oils such as peppermint oil, lavender oil, cinnamon, hazelnut, rosemary, sweet almond oils, etc. So you can make your washing and cleansing experiences more fragrant and freshening with coffee soap bars.

Coffee Soap makes an ideal kitchen soap. You can also purchase body coffee soaps made commercially. Commercially made body soaps are mild enough to be used to clean your body. These coffee soaps are equipped with relaxing, deodorizing, antiseptic and exfoliating properties that will sooth your skin and senses post-bathing. You can get these coffee body soaps in health spas, beauty clinics, cosmetic stores, etc.

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