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Why is Goji Berry So Beneficial

Goji berries or Tibetan Goji berries are technically known as Lycium Barabarum (Latin). They belong to the family of Solanaceae (flowering plants) which also have members like potatoes, tomatoes and tobacco. It is quite surprising to know that over eighty varieties of Lycium berry are found in nature. One of the most famous include the Chinese Wolfberry which is considered by Chinese healers as the best cure for male sexual dysfunction.

But to be on a more technical ground, Chinese Wolfberry is just a genetic cousin of Lycium Barbarum and is not exactly a true Goji berry. Goji berries are perhaps one of the richest sources of vitamins and other nutrients. It has been clinically proven that they contain over 18 different amino acids and vitamins like B1, B2, B6, C and E. It is surprising but a truth that this fruit contains more Beta carotene than carrots and is perhaps the best source of vitamin C around. Only Australian billygoat plum and South American camu camu are richer than Goji berries where vitamin C is concerned. Goji berries are also rich source of minerals like iron, calcium, zinc, selenium, phosphorus and germanium.

With all that, they are also a rich source of antioxidants. Legend is that hundreds of years ago, a group of Buddhist monks in the mountains of Tibet saw small red berries growing behind a well. When they gave it a try, it tasted quite well and included these berries in their daily diet.

What was surprising was that they found out that they outlived other monks. They came to the conclusion that these berries made all the difference. For centuries they went on reaping rich benefits out of including Gojies in their daily diet. It was quite later that west became aware of the benefits of Gojies and started using it and its use spread all round. And there are enough reasons for this popularity.

It starts with the belief that it increases ones life span considerably. It is also believed that it has good healing powers. It works wonders for cuts, burns, abrasions and also rashes.

You can easily get extracts of Goji berries from most health stores. These extracts are turned into creams and remedies. As of now these products are very expensive but if you decide to buy online, you can save a lot of money.

And if you are thinking of buying in bulk the cost would get a lot cheaper. It goes without saying that Goji extracts are amongst the best health product that is natural. And more and more people are going for it.

If you look at health food stores, you would find that entire shelves have been filled with products containing Goji berries including drinks, skin care lotions, cosmetics and remedies. They benefit those who are looking for natural skin product that are non-toxic. Goji berries have been grown in China, Tibet and Mongolia for ages. Chinese medicine has always used them for centuries. It is used with lycium bark and is believed to boost your immune system, circulatory system, proves great for liver and kidney protection, improves your vision, and works wonder for your skin. Gojies are surely very rich in vitamins and minerals but what is more it is also the best in Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) scale.

It is used to measure the antioxidant levels in any food. And studies have revealed that they contain 25000 units per 100 milligrams which is about five times more than the fruit (prunes) that comes second on the scale and about 15 times more than the vegetable that comes second on the list. And what is the importance of antioxidant? Well it is the primary ingredient that fights the aging process. It is quite natural that many believe that those berries are the best and the most powerful anti-ageing food that is around. And that is why it has also found topical applications and is one of the key ingredients in skin care products.

It is true that Goji berries have just found application in topical uses, yet you can find it being used in a wide range of skin care products right form creams and lotions to every other product. And that is why most of the new natural skin care product has Gojies as its ingredient. If you want to have those berries and want to assure that they are perfect, go for Goji berries that claim to be cold-pressed, have no solvents and have been air-dried.

Also, preservatives must not be used. Heat processing and other chemicals, if added, reduces its benefits greatly.

Learn all about the nutritional facts of the Goji Berries, visit Goji Berry Guide | Nutritional Facts You can find free downloadable information on the Benefits of Goji Juice at Goji Berry Guide | Goji Benefits


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