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Why Is Coffee Not My Cup Of Tea Is it Stale

Most everyone that I have talked to that does not like coffee said that it is the bitter taste they don't like. Fresh coffee is never bitter. In fact, fresh coffee is smooth and tasty even undoctored. So what is giving coffee such a bad rap? After some research it a cured to me that the problem is lack of freshness, and coffee that was brewed hours ago. Stale coffee itself is horrible to drink. Stale coffee can leave a bad taste in your mouth, but if you buy coffee that is guaranteed fresh when you brew it then it will taste smooth and refreshing.

How does coffee get to the point of being stale? In many cases it is due to poor packaging, but in most cases it is due to over stocking. Poor packaging is when the product is not properly sealed from the manufacture, or the seal is broken along the way. Most containers are plastic these days, but many still use the steel cans. The difference is the cost plastic is much cheaper to produce. Plastic is not as durable and sometimes is easily damaged.

If the seal is broken then the coffee is exposed to the air, which dries out the coffee. This is the main reason coffee gets to the point of being stale. Another problem is over stocking.

When a store over stocks there products the product sits longer on the shelf or in the back and over time the freshness fades away. Many distributors of coffee buy by volume to get the coffee at a cheaper price. The problem is they can sit on that coffee for month, or even years until it is sold. How long can coffee remain fresh in a vacuum-sealed container? It can vary, but the average length is about 6 months.

Do you see the problem now? I have worked for a grocery store before and I have seen products stay on the shelves for months. If you were to brew a cup of coffee from beans roasted a year ago then that cup of coffee will be horrible. What about coffee that was brewed 4 hours ago? In many cases the coffee appears thicker because the water is vaporized over time.

The coffee can have a burnt taste that is also bitter. If it is not fresh don't drink it. My wife hates coffee because of her first bad experience, and after I roasted her a fresh batch she admitted that it was really good and not bitter. How fresh is your coffee? .

By: Don McKay


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