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Tea Bags Making Life Easier For Modern Tea Drinkers

Tea bags have just made life a whole lot easier, especially for tea lovers. Thanks to tea bags, time is saved and measuring is no longer required. The first commercial tea bag was produced in 1904 by a man from New York named Thomas Sullivan. At first, tea bags were constructed from muslin bags, silk and hand sewn.

However, today, they are made of a fiber paper. Now, there are several different types of tea bags available for consumers. For instance, there are pre-made, empty bags ready for consumers who would like to fill the bags themselves with their own tea. There are good and bad results from using commercially developed tea in tea bags. The benefits of tea bags is that it saves on time and mess. You do not have to worry about measuring the appropriate amount of tea leaves, nor do you have to worry about spilling the tea everywhere, which results in more time for cleaning up.

Another benefit of tea bags is the fact that you have more choices in variety when it comes to the different types of tea. The disadvantages are the quality of the tea. In most cases, floor sweepings are used to create tea bags. In other words, they are dusty and very small leaves that are derived from many different places.

This can result in a bitter and harsh tasting tea. Tea bags come in many different varieties, such as square, rectangle, pyramid shaped, and even round circles. However, even though tea bags and instant tea are still very popular, many people more prefer using loose leaves. They feel that the leaves themselves provide a higher quality tea than the tea bag does. For some the tea bag just works, thanks to the time it saves and the instant access to one of Americas favorite staples. You have the ability with tea bags, to brew an entire pot of tea or even one single cup, which can save on wasting tea that is left untouched.

Where the tea bag has modernized tea drinking and made it more convenient for many, there are still quite a few people who prefer to mix up their own blends of tea and not by tea in bags. For these people, a tea infuser is the way to go as it will allow you to buy your own tea leaves whether you want them to be organic or if you want to mix up different types of herbs with your tea. You then just put your mature in the infuser pour the water over and let it steep.

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