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Roast Beef Books Roast Beef Has Made the Transition from Cookbooks to Fiction

Somehow ? who knows how ? roast beef has become such a part of our culture that it has made its way into our books. No, I am not just talking about cookbooks! I am talking about some very interesting fictional books.Here are a few "roast beef books" that you might want to check out!.Roast Beef on Italian Bread: A Boy and His Dog by Paul V.

Dunn.This is not your typical read. In fact, many people would likely describe this book as bizarre. Of course, the bizarre is oftentimes funny, and that is the case with this book. Of course, roast beef is not a major player in the book, but it does get involved in some interesting, if not subtle, ways.

Roast Beef, Medium (the Business Adventures of Emma McChesney) by Edna Ferber.This Roast Beef book is actually about Emma McChesney, a traveling saleswoman. This is a book that seems to declare that roast beef is not just a food, but a philosophy, as well. The book takes place in 1913 and has some very feminist vies. Many publications come with some excellent illustrations.

Wordsworth and the Roast Beef Romance by Todd Strasser.This book is for a younger audience, for children aged 9-12. As you can imagine, it is a rather humorous book that children love from the get-go. Children will fall in love with the fabulous Bassett Hound, Wordsworth.

Wordsworth also appeared in another Todd Strasser book, "Wordsworth and the Mail-Order Meatloaf Mess.".If Roast Beef Could Fly by Jay Leno, Illustrated by S.

B. Whitehead.Yes, this book is by Jay Leno, the Jay Leno of late night fame. Of course, this book is written for a select group of people who are likely not allowed to stay up late enough for the late night shows: this book is for children ages 4-8. This book on roast beef is fictional, yes, but it also embellishes a bit on the childhood of Jay Leno himself.

Unlike the abovementioned books, though, this funny story does, indeed, focus greatly upon roast beef. Of course, it does not focus on just any roast beef. Rather, it focuses on roast beef that has gone airborne.As you can see, roast beef, once just a favorite dinner food, has begun to spread to other parts of our culture, as well. Roast beef is even making its way into our bedtime stories! Where will you find roast beef next? Go ahead and check out these fun and interesting reads on roast beef, and also see what other books on meats that you can find. There must be plenty of stories about "mystery meat" and hot dogs!.

.Anne Clarke writes numerous articles for websites on gardening, parenting, fashion, and home decor. Her background includes teaching and gardening. For more of her articles on roast beef, please visit Big Sky Filet Mignon.

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By: Anne Clarke


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