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Risotto An Italian Secret From The Veneto Region

With so many different Italian food dishes it is hard to pick a favorite. However, for those who like risotto, Veneto is the region for you! Italian food varies greatly by region with each area presenting their own unique dishes and flavors. One of the most recognized Italian food dishes is Risotto and because of that Veneto is a must stop region for those travelers in Italy wanting to taste some excellent Italian food.

Risotto is most simply a rice dish cooked very precisely. It is one of the most commonly ordered appetizers at Italian food restaurants. Yet for its amazing popularity, it is also one of the most common Italian food dishes to be botched. The key to a good risotto is to first cook the rice briefly in olive oil or butter. The rice must be coated evenly in the butter oil, and toasted just until translucent.

Broth is then added just a little at a time, the idea is to slowly saturate the rice with the broth, which helps it achieve it's distinctive "risotto" texture. Unless the rice is toasted, it's not risotto. Even if it's served at the finest of Italian food restaurants, it just isn't the same unless toasted. There are many different variations on risotto because it can be made and served with so many different Italian food favorites.

In Veneto the ingredients added to the risotto are determined by location. For instance, in areas closer to the coast it will be made with fish and other seafood. You will find all manner of ingredients in a risotto when you're in Veneto. For instance, asparagus and pumpkin, even frogs' legs. That's right, frogs' legs; though usually associated with French cuisine, it is common in some parts of Italy as well. The Veneto region is also home to some unique foods.

The dishes here are heavier and rely on exotic spices and sauces. One unique dish that originated here and is quickly gaining popularity as an Italian food dish is pasta and beans. Beans are used in many dishes here due to their ready availability. In Veneto, anchovy may be found in many dishes.

However, as in much of the country, its popularity pales in comparison to that of sausages and other meats. A regional specialty is sopressata, a dry cured, pressed salami. Most commonly, sopressata is pork based, but beef variations exist as well. Garlic salami is another local favorite.

The Italian food found in Veneto includes quite a lot of the local produce specialties; these include radicchio and their famed asparagus, along with young tender peas, paired with rice. This is an Italian food dish unique to Veneto. The Italian food of Veneto clearly breaks the mold. It is full of diversity from dishes made wholly with vegetables and rice, to some of the most famous sausages in the world.

If a night of Italian food for you must include risotto, than Veneto is the place to be. If you consider yourself a sausage connoisseur than the Italian food of Veneto will again be a must taste for you. The region truly offers something for everyone!.

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