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Ideas For Brinkman Smokers

If you've gotten into smoking recently, you may be searching for some ideas for what to make with Brinkman smokers. There is a wide variety of things that can be made with Brinkman smokers, though for best results, you need a little planning and sometimes some creativity, depending on which of the many models of Brinkman smokers you've purchased. The best place to start with cooking with Brinkman smokers is with a food that many are familiar with, but will surely impress: beef brisket. Bring On The Beef Beef brisket is perhaps one of the simplest things to make in Brinkman smokers, and because brisket is cheap to purchase, inexpensive to cook. There's a little preparation for the actual smoking, though most of this is simple and low-maintenance.

The night before you cook your brisket, you want to marinate it in the fridge. A good marinade with add flavor to the brisket as well as enhance the natural taste of the meat. Make sure to seal your meat in a container while in the fridge to prevent any sort of contamination of the food. All the work the next day is a snap! Take the meat out of the fridge and let it rest for an hour so it gets closer to room temperature, which makes for more even cooking. During that time, feel free to rub it with seasoning for an additional kick.

Now is a good time to soak your wood chips, which will aid in smoking. When the hour up, it's time to get your smoker ready. Since Brinkman smokers come in different shapes and sizes, be sure to follow the instructions that came with it. Cooking And Eating Cooking itself is a snap. Place the beef in, fat side up, and smoke for about six hours at 175 to 200 degrees.

There should be plenty of cooking time to be done after, so another few hours in the smoker or the oven at 125 degrees after this will ensure that your beef brisket is tender and has great taste. Be sure to check your smoker periodically in case the wood chips need changing, and for safety's sake, always keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Once your brisket is ready to eat, cut along the grain in thin slices for serving. Brisket is great with barbecue sauce and on sandwiches as well, and makes a wonderful meal for cookouts and entertaining. With practice, you'll find that your brisket takes on a wonderful, smoky flavor that enhances the meat, and you'll have friends and family alike asking you to make it for them, or looking to purchase their own Brinkman smokers so they can enjoy the same great taste.

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