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Fun Party Theme for Adults

As you look back on your childhood years, you realize that there have been numerous times in your life that you wish you could go back to. For one, you hope that you can still enjoy get-togethers like you did when you were a kid. There's nothing more wonderful than seeing colorful decorations, eating delicious food and receiving fun party favors.

Now that you're an adult, you think that you can't do all those fun stuff anymore. If this is how you feel, drop that notion. Whoever said that parties are only for kids is a total bore. The truth is, adults can have as much fun as kids can, even at parties. In fact, adults are more inclined to enjoy parties since they are more mindful of socializing and having fun. Adult parties can range from small, casual gatherings to large and extravagant black-tie events.

Some are celebrated because of special occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers and anniversaries, while others are held to commemorate holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween and Easter. There are also naughty adult parties, where guests can forget their conservative demeanor and be wild and flirtatious for a night. Just like those held for children, the parties adults have are usually based on different themes.

Having an adult party with a theme makes the event more enjoyable and exciting. For the host, it also makes the party easier to plan. By having a theme, the host can define what invitations and decorations to use, what food to serve, and what costumes the guests should wear. There are numerous fun and enjoyable adult party themes available today, ranging from common ones to out-of-this-world ideas.

Here are several examples you might want to try out for your next event. Beach Theme Party. It's sun, sea and lots of fun with this party theme. All you need to do is incorporate different beach items into your party groove. For example, you can use seashells, tiki torches, and sand castles as decorations. As for the food, serving refreshing fruit shakes and delectable seafood dishes are very good options.

You can also give away party favors that have sea-related objects as decorations. The wonderful thing about a beach theme party is that you can use it for different types of parties, including birthdays and weddings. With a beach party theme, you won't have to literally go to the beach to feel a relaxing and enjoyable beach atmosphere. Masquerade Theme Party. Are you preparing a unique and stylish costume party? If you are, then a masquerade theme would suit your party just right.

For this event, your guests will come in different costumes while wearing masks that conceal their faces. A masquerade theme allows everyone to have fun, but still gives the party atmosphere a mysterious feel. Masquerade theme parties are usually used for black-tie events where guests can come dressed as their favorite medieval character.

Give your venue an old-fashioned but classy aura with this theme. As for the food, you can serve elegant hors d' oeuvres and tasty gourmet dishes. Pimps and Ho's Theme Party.

This is also a theme party, but with a more naughty and sexy approach. The guests are asked to wear costumes, but they have to follow this rule: men must dress as pimps and women as prostitutes. It's a wonderful idea for a night filled with fun and flirting. Retro Theme Party.

It's disco time! Bring back the groovy 70's with this adult theme party! If you want to add a psychedelic aura to your gathering, then this is a suitable theme. Tell your guests to don their best 1970's costumes, including bell bottom jeans, hippie accessories and large afro hairstyles. Use lava lamps, bean bag chairs and colorful lights in your party area. Make sure you also have good 70's disco music so everyone can get groovy on the dance floor. Survivor Theme Party.

If you watch the popular reality TV show "Survivor," then perhaps you already have a vague idea of how this game is played. Before the party, you need to split up all the guests into two "tribes" and ask them to wear clothes with a unifying color. For example, team A wears yellow, while team B wears green. It's up to you on how you'll do the divisions. You could divide the guests into male versus female, or couple versus couple.

During the course of the party, the two teams have to compete with each other in different challenges that may include treasure hunts, dress-up relay contests, mental challenges and a "bug" eating contest (use candy insects). For the food and decorations, settle on a tropical island ambiance, since many "Survivor" games have been played on islands. Use tiki torches and plants for your party venue.

You could serve tropical food, including fruit and seafood dishes. Murder Mystery Theme Party. For a party filled with suspense and fun, an adult murder mystery theme is an enjoyable option you can try. If you plan to hold a sit-down dinner or a small corporate party, this'll spice things up for you.

Just make sure that all your guests can cope with murder (fictional, of course!), deceit and treachery. A murder mystery theme party is played using a murder mystery game. It comes complete with clues, props and detailed character sheets.

During the party, all the guests become a character, and amidst them is a murderer. As the party/game progresses, everyone tries to find out who the murderer is, while the murderer avoids being detected. Adults can have just as much fun as kids during parties, and these themes have just shown you why. If ever you decide to throw a party, take your pick from these popular choices. Have fun!.

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