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Cooking For One

When you find yourself living alone for one reason or another, you might start ending up with a large amount of leftovers after cooking each meal. If you follow the instructions on the boxes, you will find they are meant for two to four people. Some people simply find it too annoying to cook for just themselves, so they end up eating out for every meal. Instead of spending all of your money on eating out, you can choose to try these easy tricks to start cooking for one without any worries or frustrations.The first thing you can do when cooking for one is to divide the recipes.

If the recipe on the box is meant to feed four people, simply divide it by four and you will be able to know how much of each ingredient you need for a smaller version of the same delicious meal.Another thing you can do is start saving those leftovers in your freezer. There are many meals that are just as delicious when you reheat them. And if you are making something that you really enjoy eating, you will love the fact that you can reheat it and eat it within minutes, anytime you feel the urge to eat it.So, instead of thinking of cooking for one as a pain in the neck, consider using these tricks to get you through. Eating out might be a little easier, but it can cost a lot more in the long run.

In addition, it is rare that you will be eating a well balanced diet when you constantly eat from fast food restaurants.

.Check out some sample Indian recipes that are easy and low fat.Article Source:

By: Kimberly Chang


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