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Best way to Sample Food while in Spain

Spain is well known for serving fine foods of all sorts. Many come to the country just to enjoy the fine delicacies available in Spain. Yet, the Spanish custom of eating known as tapas is still one of the best ways to partake in the rich cultural cuisine that is famous to the country of Spain. Tapa is a small sampling, usually served in snack form, which can be anything from fish to other forms of local varieties of foods.

Tapas are not intended to be large portions, or meals by any stretch of the imagination, they are an absolutely inexpensive way to try a large variety of items in an economical way. May taverns and bars offer tapas throughout the day, and it is quite easy to bar hop and sample a number of them. Another food known to Spain especially in coastal areas are fish delicacies. There is a huge range of dishes, prepared in as many methods, as there are fishing varieties. If you can pronounce the word 'tapa' in Spain, you are guaranteed to find something worthwhile to eat and to be greeted warmly by whoever is attending the drinking establishment or eatery.

Finally, the word 'tapa' is often acknowledged as the Spanish substitute term meaning small snack. It dates back to the turn of the century in Seville at a restaurant called Café de la Iberia, or so it is believed. Nevertheless, be warned there are thousands of varieties of tapa and these vary widely from place to place, and village to village.

Of course, there is no better way to enjoy the fabulous cuisine that having a tapa while in Spain.

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